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Stand with us to stop the animal waste basin in Randolph County.

An industrial waste lagoon constructed by Denali Water Solutions.
An industrial waste lagoon constructed by Denali Water Solutions. Photo credit: Cassville Democrat

Citizens of Randolph County, Missouri are trying to stop an animal waste facility from going into operation in our community. We need people to stand with us or this could be in your backyard, too.

The basin is approximately 4 acres and will hold an estimated 18 million gallons of animal waste slurry. It is being constructed by Denali Water Solutions in a populated area near County Road 1770 and Highway J.

Location of animal waste basin and areas potentially impacted by toxins and odor.

Odor and health risks

The animal waste product basin is expected to produce an overpowering and invasive smell. The smell will permeate nearby homes and businesses. It’s anticipated the basin will be used year-round and produce a constant odor.

In addition to the horrible odor produced, citizens are concerned about potential health risks. They are concerned about respiratory illness, skin irritation, nausea, and possibly cancer after extended exposure to animal waste product. They are concerned the waste product may make it into drinking water or nearby creeks.

Proximity to children

The basin is located in Cairo, MO school district and near school bus routes. Do not let your children be subjected to this facility.


The facility does not create jobs in our community.

Diminished property values

We anticipate a decline in property values due to the odor and potential health risks associated with the basin. This harms property owners and decreases the tax revenue of our local government.

Road hazards and maintenance

Road hazards and increased maintenance are likely to result from regular truck traffic in the area.


There may be a negative impact on wildlife in the area. Wildlife may interact with animal waste and spread disease.

Get Involved

Please write to your public officials, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, your representatives, TV stations, and radio stations. More information on how to contact public officials is available here.

Funds are needed for legal fees and donations are appreciated. We are planning events in the near future to help raise awareness and money.

You can also sign the petition at