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Voice your concerns and help stop the animal waste basin

Department of Natural Resources

Please contact the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to voice your concerns regarding the animal waste basin in Randolph County.

Missouri Department of Resources
ATTN: NPDES Operating Permits
PO Box 176
Jefferson City, Missouri 65102-0176

[email protected]

Include permit # MO 0140236.

You can also contact Missouri DNR at the Macon Northeast Regional Office at 660-385-8000.

You may also reach out to the Missouri State Soil & Water Conservation Program:

Missouri State Soil & Water Conservation Program
Missouri Geological Society
soil&[email protected]

Public Officials

Please contact your public officials to voice your opposition to the animal waste basin in Randolph County.

Missouri State Representative – Ed Lewis / Moberly
[email protected]

Missouri State Representative – Greg Sharpe
Chair-Subcommittee on Appropriations/Agriculture, Conservation, Natural Resources & Economic Development

Missouri State Representative – Bruce Sassmann
Chair-Department of Conservation & Natural Resources
Online form @
[email protected]

Missouri State Representative – Mike Haffner
Chair-Department of Agricultural Policy
[email protected]

Missouri State Representative – Rodger Reedy
Chair-Department of Rural Community Development
[email protected]

Senator Josh Hawley
KC Office Administrative Office Contact: Shawn Cowling
[email protected]